Safety and Health

At Nyanza, we promote a culture of workplace safety, positivity, work-life balance, healthiness, and happiness within the employee individual's life as well as those around them. Because of our strong safety culture, we believe workplace injuries and illnesses can be prevented. Our leaders drive continuous improvement, and everyone plays a part in building safe and healthy workplaces.


Our company was born out of an entrepreneurial and innovative culture, which was driven by the need to find ways of utilizing waste slag materials to produce high quality pigment. An innovative and entrepreneurial culture defines how we approach all challenges and opportunities presented to our organisation. We believe that in order to become a leading manufacturing business, this culture is fundamental to our success.

Our People

Our people in the workplace are considered to be the most valuable resource, and their wellbeing is valued alongside productivity, operational excellence, product quality, health and safety. Our people espouse high integrity, professionalism, customer eccentricity and are very passionate about everything we do. As Nyanza, we value and support our peoples’ personal growth, ambitions and wellbeing.

Climate Change & 4IR

Climate change and the 4th industrial revolution are a reality. As the two phenomena converge, it is imperative we build our businesses in line with the demands of a sustainable environment. Nyanza values the use of alternative sustainable resources for energy and water. As we thrive to build a business that is competitive and sustainable over generations, we invest in the development of alternative sustainable raw materials as well as new technologies embracing 4IR.

Community Integration

Every business operates with the support of its community which includes local communities, small to medium businesses, local and national government. Our processes and programs are designed and implemented with the involvement of our community. Nyanza values the role its community plays in making our business successful and we advocate for the development of our community. A stronger community means a stronger Nyanza Light Metals. Our approach is that of a shared value ecosystem.

Covid-19 Call to Action

Nyanza takes the health and safety of its employees very seriously. With the spread of the coronavirus or “COVID-19,” a respiratory disease caused by the SARS-Cov-2 virus, we must all remain vigilant in taking measures published by the authorities to mitigate the outbreak. In order to maintain a safe operating environment we strictly follow the protocols as advised by the medical experts and the government. For more information please click on the SA Coronavirus website.