Construction Plan

Construction Program

Construction of the Nyanza mineral beneficiation and chemicals complex commenced in October 2020 after the lockdown restrictions were eased for the construction sector. The construction of the Nyanza complex is being rolled out in three phases.

Phase 1(October 2020 - November 2021): Nyanza is building its Technical Services Centre (TSC) which will produce 150 tons per year of pigment for specified clients. The TSC will also house 60 people including the process and product development technical teams. Its operation is expected to be commissioned by December 2021. The TSC will assist our clients to start formulating paints and other products using Nyanza pigment grade.

Phase 2 (June 2021 - June 2024): Nyanza’s FEL-3 for the main plants will be completed by 4th quarter 2021. Construction of the main (TiO2) plant is expected to commence by 2nd Qtr 2022 with commissioning expected by 2024 producing 80 000 tons per annum. Phase 2&3 will consist of the following plants:

- 2 x 40,000 tpa pigment plant

- Over 1,000 tpd Sulphuric Acid manufacturing plant

- 10 MW solar plant

- 5-7 MW steam turbine power generation plants

- Gas fired Steam boilers for steam production

- Waste effluent neutralisation plant

- Gypsum manufacturing plant

- Color Pigment plant

- Alum (Aluminium Sulphate) plant

- Copperas (Iron Sulphate) plant

- Water desalination plant

- Waste water treatment plant

- 3 rail shunting lines for bulk materials handling

- Customer & Product Development Services Centre

- Office buildings, workshops & warehouses